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More "one step forward, two steps back"

I finally just took on the job of getting in things in our apartment fixed up.  Caleb would make one call or text, and then let it go, and then get frustrated that noone called him back.  But the fridge has been leaking for three weeks now, and the new toilet was leaking again, and he never did get a response about the sink.  So I just said I was doing it, and within two hours I had someone at the apartment talking to him about stuff.  I don't feel good about that, but something needed to be done.  We're getting a new refrigerator on Monday, the sink piping will be replaced, and the wax seal or something on the toilet will be replaced.  Maybe even able to take care of the window birds, who are still very chirpy when they are hungry.

But then our air conditioner officially died so I get to be like "Thanks for taking care of all that!  Now I need this!"  That doesn't make me feel good either.

It is making noise, and the fan part blows when it wants to.  But it isn't strong, and it's definitely not cold.  It is currently 84 degrees in here, and while I have two fans on in the bedroom, I'm still not "comfortable".  I got a couple hours of sleep, but it's hard to sleep well when you are dripping sweat.  At 3:41 am it is 84 degrees in the living room.  When I came ho,e from work it was hotter than 88 degrees in here (thermostat stops there).if I'm dying now, there is no way Caleb will sleep well during the hottest part of the day.

So hopefully I can reach Mike again tomorrow, and he's able to get us in contact with someone.  I have a phone number for a heating/air place he gave us about something before, but I don't know if they are open weekends or not.  We may stay tomorrow night in a hotel if nothing is fixed.  Which has the potential to be a nice break, mini-date, but if Caleb hasn't slept well, it won't be all that great.


Jun. 19th, 2016 01:42 am (UTC)
Ug! I hope fixing all these issues now will be helpful for a happier time long term!