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Appointment with the orthopedic doctor went well today.  The massive lump I had on my knee was a cyst, and oddly enough it went away on its own.  Figures that as soon as I seek treatment for it it disappears.  But it did not get into the bone or cause damage like they'd originally thought, so that's a blessing.  As long as it doesn't come back I'm not going to pursue it further.

My shoulder is a different story though.  I've been having problems with it since November, just hurting, I don't have full range of motion, etc.  He was gracious enough to look at my shoulder today as well and thinks that I have a frozen shoulder.  He said it can be pretty common in diabetics.  Pretty much the shoulder literally freezes up.  I had an x-ray to rule anything else out and it came back fine.  So basically I have to have a shot (not sure if it is cortisone) and then do 6 weeks of physical therapy.  Supposedly it may go away without treatment, but the overall progression of that can take almost 3 years.  So I guess I'd rather knock that out now.  It's pretty painful at times.

Caleb said that he talked to our landlord's office when he took the rent in today.  Hopefully they'll have someone come check the fridge. 

I was slightly panicked today because I was looking over the instructions I have to follow for my MRI next week, and I have to remove all my jewelry.  Which makes sense, as it involves a large magnet.it was nerve-wracking because not only does taking some of my more...odd.. piercings out make me nervous, but because I have one, my industrial, that I have not been able to get unscrewed since I had it pierced.  Which I -think- I had done back in 2006 or 7. I couldn't figure out which end was supposed to come loose, and neither end would unscrew.  Which was fine, since I liked it and didn't have any desire to take it out.  But with this MRI coming up, I was trying to figure out how I was going to deal with it.  I was contemplating going to a piercer and see if they would help me.  But I randomly gave it one more try, and one of the balls came off in my hand.

So incredibly thankful for that.  And thankful that God will offer us encouragement in small ways.  This seems like the kind of problem that wouldn't seem like a big deal to most others, but it was turning into a major issue for me.

May. 9th, 2016

Court is officially pushed back to an as of yet undetermined time.

Boo.  I actually felt ready.

May. 6th, 2016

Just when life feels like it just might let up on me a little, it starts raining on my parade again.  And by raining I mean monsoon in badly enough to keep me floating for 40 days and 40 nights.

Firstly, I've been told that my court appearance may end up being pushed back for the 4th time, due to the judge being out of town.  Didn't we plan this particular date with the idea that EVERYONE was going to be around, because we had out of town conflict?  I mean, technically *I* am out of town, so if I have to make this a priority, then it seems like everyone else should too. 

Secondly, more apartment issues.  Caleb says the smoke detector doesn't work.  Which isn't a huge deal because we had actually bought another one anyway.  But now we have to get it mounted sooner rather than later.  Right now it is getto-ly hanging on a nail that wasdriven into the outside of the bathroom door. Also, Caleb was telling me that because the past couple of days have been cold he tried to turn the heat on, and it didn't work.  It just made a clicking sound at him and said "nope!!".  So now we have to have more phone calls, and more work done, and just pray that our landlord will continue to take care of this stuff.  I promise I am not a problem tennant, but I feel like it.  Thankfully, it is spring and the heat didn't go out when we desperately needed it.  God did take care of us in that way.  But it doesn't surprise me that it's dead because Brandon made comments at one point when he was over here, and apparently the heater is actually older than I am.

Lastly, today was such an a solute discouragement,  as Caleb went to leave work this morning and found that 3 of his tires had been slashed.  It is selfish, but iam thankful that there were other vehicles hit, so I know it was probably just random vandalism, and not that my husband was being specifically targeted.  But still, so saddening.  There's not a lot of security over there though, and while there are czmeras, they point toward the loading docks, not the parking lot.  We've filed a police report, and contacted insurance, but we're not quite sure whether insurance will cover it or not, or how much they will reimburse us. 

We live in such a fallen world.  I feel like I need to be praying for whoever did this to us.  So I hope I follow through with that.

Then, of course, the check engine light in his car came back on after he was towed to the tire place.

It is so easy to judge my life, and to be disappointed with everything.  I really really just wish that we could catch a break.  I struggle to remember that God never promised us an easy life, and that reality is that as a Christian, Satan is going to continue to rain defeat and discouragement onto us, one after another.  It is in how we choose to deal with it that I have to find Christ - and not just find him for myself, but to be used by Him through the circumstances.  I need to be praying for perseverance.

I always say I need to be praying about stuff though, and then I fail at that.

Oh well.

What a disappointment.

This new apartment that we were so excited about, is basically a piece of crap.

I'm thankful that I had the sense to hire someone to complete the rest of the cleaning over here. Apparently there was evidence of mice, and I didn't know about that. There also is a lot of mold. Mold in the inside of the building that looks as though it would require parts of my apartment to be destroyed to get to it. Pipes that are brown that are not supposed to be brown. Mold in the toilet.

Some smaller things I am not so worried about, but mice and mold, absolutely. Apparently the toilet is also in really special shape, and could stand to be replaced.

Hopefully our landlords will be willing to take care of all of this. Because it is not by anything that we've done, having only been here 3 days. The cleaning lady just told Caleb that it looks like it hasn't really been taken care of for a long time.

I especially hope that all of this gets fixed over because I do not want it to damage my friendship with Jenna. Her parents are our landlords, so they own this building. I don't want things to end up as collateral damage.


Move accomplished.  Can't wait to get everything completely done.

However, we don't have a mail key, and the toilet is really inconsistent. 

Ugh, I do not want to even deal.

Was knocked down this weekend by a nasty lower respiratory infection.  While I'm glad it hadn't depend I to pneumonia yet, it hasn't been fun.  I really needed to get more work done on this place.

Apr. 8th, 2016

Well, Caleb and I have officially jumped on the "trying to start a family" train.  Am hoping the Lord will see fit to bless us eventually.

I feel so incredibly overwhelmed with packing and organizing and moving. 

Well, the flu stinks.

Sinus problems are a hassle to begin with, but the flu really sucks. The worst part is just that I haven't really been able to do anything. I don't feel bad anymore - they gave me some good medicine that helps with the cough/congestion. But knowing I'm contagious and trying to keep away from Caleb has been sad and boring. I've been stuck in the bedroom all day, with only my tablet to keep me company. Days like today make me really glad that we subscribe to Hulu.

Honestly, the ear infection I had back in November was way worse. But blah nonetheless.

I expect to be back in action on Monday. The Nurse Practitioner at the clinic said I'll be non-contagious by then. At least I have the weekend.

Still, I have to miss Easter.

Just feeling bummed.

Also Jason is back in jail and that has me sad too.